Low Emission Slurry Spreading LESS

Cattle slurry is a valuable source of N, P & K produced on farms. The nitrogen (N) in cattle slurry is in the ammonia form is similar to N in urea fertilizers and as such can be easily lost to the atmosphere.

Slurry application techniques such as trailing hose or trailing shoe reduce the surface area of the slurry compared to the splash plate thus reducing the loss of N as ammonia to the air.

The trailing hose ( dribble bar) reduces the surfacer area of the slurry by placing it in narrow bands rather than a thin film on the grass. The trailing shoe is more effective at reducing ammonia losses as the slurry is placed in bands but directly onto the soil surface just below the grass.

The trailing hose will deliver up to 30% reduction and the trailing shoe 60% reduction in ammonia

The Low Emission Slurry Spreading LESS provides grant aid to farmers for the purchase of slurry tankers and umbilical system, using one of the following attachments Trailing Shoe or Dribble Bar