Look below to check out the range of products and suppliers we have at our in-factory stores, our online store will be coming in the future but for the moment its run only on a call in basis.

Agri Stores Tractors Machinery & Trailer Parts

Plugs & Sockets
Cable Ties
Insulation Tape
Heat Shrink
Battery Chargers
Battery Connectors
Saucers, Drums & Disc
Blades Flat, Cranked, twisted,
Hump Back, Tapered
Rotary Mower Belts
Topper Blades
PTO Shafts
Shear Grab Blades Weld On
& Bolt On
Steering Axles
Brake Shoes Kits
Bearing Kits, Wheel Studs,
Wheel Nuts
Hydraulic Braking Cylinders
Air Kits
Suzie Coils
Hitch Eyes
Ramp Fastener Kit
Gudgeons Pins, Spade Hinges,
Straight Hinges
Ramp Springs
Rope hooks
Hose Clips
Reflective Markings
LED Worklamp
LED Tail lamps
LED Marker Lamps
LED Stalk Lamps
Led Number plate Lamps
Trailer Boards
Trailer pads
Reflectors Lights
Trailing Shoe Parts
PVC Suction Hose
Slurry Tanker Latch
Hydraulic Hose
Hydraulic Hose Repair Services

Tow Pins
Linch Pins &R Clips
Square U Bolts
Anti Vibration Support
Tines Bosses
DX Bushes
Wide range of quick release couplings
Hydraulic Adaptors
Trailers & Trucks
Body Mounting Brackets & Fittings,
Springs, Washers, Clamps
Spring Loaded Bolts
Spring Loaded Lock Bolt
Trailer Buffers
Roller Buffers
Line Chain
Spring Hooks
Cotters, Chains & Chain Fittings
Door Mechanisms
Door Locks
Led Front, Rear,
Side Markers Lights
Rear Combinations
Anti Slip Grip Tape
Masking Tape
Tailboard Locking Bar Tab, Brackets,
Hook, Lug, Forket, Slotted Lug
Tube Inserts

Welding Equipment

Cutting Discs
Grinding Discs
Welding Rods
Welding Wire
Welders AutostarMIG160 & 200
Cylinder trolley & Accessories
Cutting & Welding Hose
Cutting Nozzles
Welding Set
Cutting & Welding Torches
Gas regulators
Protective Eyewear & Face protection
Welding Blankets
Welding Helmets
Welding Gloves, Sleeves,
Head Protection Hoods,
Jackets & Trousers
Anti Spatter
Wire Brushes, Chipping Hammers, Clamps
Wide Range of Air Power and Hand Tools
Sanders, Grinders, Drills
Cutting Grinder Disc, Brushes

Agri Buildings

Standard Bolts (supplied in hexhead or cuphead
Thru Bolts
Coach Screws
Tech Screws
Aluminium Sheeting
Steel Beams